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If You Want to Win SSDI Benefits, You’ve got to Fill Out the Forms Correctly

You’re facing down an application for Social Security Disability benefits. You need these benefits because you can’t work, money stopped coming in and bills are piling up.

The problem is, when you file for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), you’re looking at a mountain of forms to fill out. Navigating Social Security’s complex legal process, meeting its deadlines and understanding what’s required is frustrating.

These forms aren’t just formalities. You really have to get them right, and show Social Security how your health problems rule out working, in order to win benefits. Most people get denied when they first apply for disability.

Social Security Disability provides monthly checks and Medicare coverage, helping you reach more stable financial ground, letting you focus on your health and get on with your life. So don’t take chances with your forms.

An experienced Social Security Disability lawyer will know what Social Security is looking for in the information you send them, and how to present your situation to them.

Whether you’re applying for benefits, or appealing a denial, Baynetta M. Jordan, P.C., Attorney at Law, can guide you in getting the benefits you need for your health and peace of mind.

With years of experience helping thousands of West Texans deal with the Social Security Disability forms and system, Baynetta Jordan knows the players (staff in Social Security offices, local physicians, disability judges, etc.), speaks their language and can get the supporting documentation you’ll need for your claim.

She makes sure of this: Nobody Pushes West Texans Around™.

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Common SSDI Forms You’ll See as You File a Disability Claim

Each stage of the Social Security Disability process involves filling out different forms. These are some of them.

Initial Application Stage:

  • Form SSA-3368, Disability Report–Adult: This is the form you use to report your disability to Social Security. If you have to appeal, you’ll also use this form.
  • Form SSA-3369-BK, Work History Report: This form accompanies your initial disability report.

Appeal Stage:

If you receive notice that Social Security has denied your application for disability benefits and you want to appeal their decision, you must do so within 60 days.

  • Form SSA-3441, Disability Report–Appeal: You will submit this form to start your appeal.
  • Form HA-4631, Claimant’s Recent Medical Treatment: This form updates Social Security on the medical care you’ve received since your initial application.
  • Form HA-4632, Claimant’s Medications: A list of medications you take for the health condition that prevents you from working.
  • Form HA-4633, Claimant’s Work Background: Social Security will consider this list of your previous jobs and job duties when deciding whether you’ll be able to work again.

Hearing Stage:

  • Form HA-4486, Claimant’s Statement When Request for Hearing is Filed and the Issue Is Disability: If your first step in appealing—asking Social Security for a reconsideration—was denied, this form is part of how you ask for your case to go to the next level, which is a hearing with a Social Security administrative law judge.

You may not know what’s involved in applying for or appealing for disability benefits, but at Baynetta M. Jordan, P.C., we’ve been helping our neighbors in Lubbock, Plainview, Levelland, Midland-Odessa and across West Texas navigate the Social Security Disability system for over three decades.

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Filling Out Social Security Disability Forms in Texas:
5 Tips for Success

According to Social Security’s own records, more than two-thirds of first-time SSDI applications are denied. One reason is making mistakes in filing for benefits, including errors on forms or lack of supporting evidence.

You can raise your chances of being approved for benefits by keeping the following points in mind:

  1. Apply for benefits as soon as you’re unable to work.
  2. Be honest about your health conditions.
  3. Answer every question and fill in every blank on the forms.
  4. Submit required evidence with your claim.
  5. Stay on top of the deadlines.

If you’re from West Texas and you need help with benefits, contact our disability law firm now.

We’ve done this many times, won’t let anyone push you around and want to see you achieving a happier chapter in your life.

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