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If You’re from West Texas,
Choose a West Texas Attorney

When you need help with a Social Security Disability claim, a personal injury case, a family law matter or a will, you want someone local who knows West Texas — not someone who flies in from California, or even New York or Arizona.

Attorney Baynetta Jordan lives in Lubbock and uses her knowledge of local communities to benefit you.

She knows the judges, doctors and people in the Social Security offices throughout West Texas. These local contacts play a major role in helping you get disability benefits.

If you’re from West Texas and you need help with benefits or a legal issue, contact Baynetta M. Jordan, P.C., Attorney at Law, now.

Local Attorney

Elderly West Texas Couple Meets With Local SSD and Personal Injury Lawyer

Your Case Deserves Respect

While it’s important for your lawyer to know local professionals, it’s also important for your attorney to know you.

Baynetta Jordan will meet with you before your disability hearing to learn about your disability case and about you.

To fully understand your difficulties and why you deserve disability benefits, Baynetta will learn how your physical and/or mental conditions impact your life.

The more she knows you and your case, the better she can present your case and answer any questions the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) may ask.

Texas Woman Meets with Local SSD Lawyer

Don’t Let National Firms Push You Around

With some law firms, it’s not uncommon for your claim to be handled by someone — who may not even be an attorney — you won’t meet until the day of your hearing.

This representative won’t know all the particulars of your case, you as an individual or the people who decide your case.

Being awarded Social Security Disability benefits may be life-changing for you. The last thing you want is a national representative who may not be an attorney showing up and meeting you for the first time on the day of your hearing.

That’s not the Texas way.

The Texas way — personal attention and respect — works best no matter what kind of case you have: Social Security Disability, personal injury, a will, probate or family law matter.

Choose an experienced attorney like Baynetta Jordan to represent you in Lubbock, Midland-Odessa and across West Texas. Call Baynetta M. Jordan, P.C., Attorney at Law, today to discuss your case.

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