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What’s the Difference Between a
Social Security Disability Advocate and an Attorney?

When it comes to Social Security Disability cases, you may come across non-attorney “advocates” or “representatives.”

But be careful.

Only a licensed attorney has the training, more specific knowledge, a better understanding of the system and often more experience to really help with your case. Only a licensed attorney can represent you at the federal court level.

In fact, working with an attorney gives you a better chance of being awarded benefits according to Social Security’s own statistics*.

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Texas Man Meets with Social Security Disability Attorney

The Biggest Differences Between
Advocates and Disability Lawyers Are:

  • Education: It requires much more time and effort to become licensed as an attorney. Only attorneys have graduated from law school and passed the state bar exam.
  • Bar Associations: Attorneys who are members of various bar associations are held to higher standards and more in-depth rules than advocates. Advocates don’t really answer to anyone when it comes to rules.
  • Legal Expertise: Because attorneys are formally trained and educated, they generally have more knowledge about the law and legal matters.

When it comes to getting help with your claim, beware of “advocates” who don’t have the ability to practice law.

They can help with your claim, but only an attorney has real knowledge and training of the laws.

Plus, there’s no extra cost to choose an attorney over an advocate, so it really is an easy choice.

*November 16, 2001 Congressional Record, Testimony of Honorable Robert T. Matsui of California, regarding the Attorney Fee Payment System Improvement Act 2001.
Woman in Texas learns the Difference Between a Social Security Disability Attorney and Advocate

What Advocates
Can and Can’t Do

“Advocates” are usually limited to administrative work and handling your paperwork.

Advocates can’t file a lawsuit for you – and the SSA knows it.

If you choose an advocate, you’re going in front of SSA officials with someone representing you that they know cannot take them all the way to federal court.

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Lastly, if you’re unsure whether you are talking to an advocate or an attorney, just ASK!

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