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Do You Want the Best Chance Possible of Receiving Benefits?

Social Security Disability benefits can lift the burden you feel when your health has gotten worse, and you’re wondering how you’ll pay your bills and basic expenses.

The only problem is that getting benefits is notoriously difficult. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has thousands of rules to decide who is approved for benefits. In a recent 10-year period, more than three quarters of people who applied for disability were initially denied.

Small mistakes can easily sink your disability claim. But you’re doing your research before you apply. You’re already taking the first steps to improve your chances of winning.

Below you can find out common mistakes to avoid.

And if you also get help from Baynetta M. Jordan, P.C., Attorney at Law, you have reinforcement to make your disability claim strong and error-free.

We make sure Nobody Pushes West Texans Around.

Disability attorney Baynetta Jordan has decades of experience helping people win disability benefits.

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Social Security Disability Mistakes: Providing Too Little Information

Mistake No. 1: Not Filling out Every Section of the Disability Benefits Applications

Yes, the application for Social Security disability benefits is complicated. You have to fill out multiple forms. You can’t skip over sections because you don’t have time to fill them out.

Make sure you go over your application closely. Give full answers. Don’t leave a question blank.

Sending an incomplete application gives claims examiners an easy reason to deny you.

Think hard about all the ways your health problems are limiting your ability to function on the job.

A disability attorney can also ask you questions and help you through the forms.

<p style="font-size:20px"Mistake No. 2: Not Providing Sufficient Proof of Your Disability

When filling out your application, you’ll need to pay special attention to sections that ask you to provide proof of your disability.

The type of proof you provide will be different for every type of impairment.

The more proof you can offer, the better. Your proof may include results from medical tests, notes from your doctor, a list of your prescriptions, and statements from people who are familiar with your condition.

You can’t just tell Social Security you have health problems that leave you unable to work. You have to prove it with evidence.

Social Security Disability Mistakes: Building a Medical History

Mistake No. 3: Skipping Out on Medical Treatments

Your condition is serious, right? If you aren’t consistently going to doctors’ appointments, following your treatment plan, or taking your medication, the Social Security Administration isn’t going to believe you.

You need to stay on top of your medical care. It’s the way you build the evidence you need to submit with your application.

Go to all required doctors’ appointments, fill your prescriptions and take your medications as directed by your doctor.

Get as much care as you need.

If affording or getting access to care is a problem, look into health clinics that may provide low-cost services, or seek out other resources that your disability attorney could point you to.

Ask your doctor for generic versions of your prescriptions, which can save money.

You also may be able to qualify for Medicaid health coverage while you wait for disability benefits.

Social Security Disability Mistakes: Dealing with the Social Security System

Mistake No. 4: Not Fighting a Denial

While most people are denied when they apply for Social Security disability benefits, does that mean you have to accept a rejection?


West Texans are fighters. Make sure you appeal your denial, so you get another chance, maybe a better chance, to secure your benefits.

For many people, it’s when they appeal a denial that they finally get approved for financial relief.

Mistake No. 5. Not Calling a Disability Lawyer

When you enlist the help of a disability lawyer to fill out your application or appeal a denial, you have a better shot at retrieving benefits.

Not only that, you have someone to support you through this process—someone who’s gone through this hundreds or thousands of times before with other people who needed disability benefits.

Your disability attorney will know what information you need to include in your claim, and how to present it to Social Security.

If you’re ready to apply or appeal in West Texas, you can call on Lubbock disability lawyer Baynetta M. Jordan for assistance.

Our disability law firm will work hard on your application or appeal and make sure that you aren’t making any mistakes that could hurt your chances at securing the financial help that could change your life.

With our years of experience helping clients, we know what mistakes to avoid and how to push through a successful disability claim.

Let’s get started.

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