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  • We help gather evidence.
  • Help you file the right forms.
  • Make your claim as strong as possible.


  • We guide you through the appeals process.
  • Represent you at a hearing.
  • Take it to federal court if necessary.


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If bad health has forced you out of work, let’s get you the support you need.

Social Security Disability benefits can improve your life, but navigating the system is confusing and tiring. Let Baynetta Jordan and her Social Security Disability law team ease your burden.

At Baynetta M. Jordan, P.C., Attorney at Law, we live by one motto: Nobody Pushes West Texans Around™.

It’s our job to help you get the disability income that’s supposed to be there when you need it.

It’s your job to focus on feeling better.

We’re dedicated to our neighbors in Lubbock, Plainview, Levelland, Midland-Odessa and all across West Texas.

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How to Qualify Under Social Security Disability Law

When your health makes working impossible, life can begin to feel hopeless.

How am I going to pay my normal expenses? What about any medical bills on top of that?

Social Security Disability provides monthly income, eligibility for Medicare health coverage, and a sense of hope.

Here are the basics of qualifying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits:

  • You worked enough and paid into the Social Security system.
  • You can’t continue in your job because of your medical conditions.
  • You can’t switch to another job, either.
  • You will be unable to work for at least a year.

You have to prove these points to Social Security by providing work history information and medical records and building an argument for benefits.

But you don’t have to do it alone.

Baynetta Jordan is a disability attorney who’s been helping Texans apply for disability benefits for over 30 years.

If you wonder whether you qualify for benefits, you can talk to her legal team for a FREE consultation.

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What Happens If I’m Denied Social Security Disability Benefits?

it’s also incredibly common.

In a recent 10-year period, Social Security denied 79 percent of initial applications for disability benefits.

That means there’s a good chance the way you’re going to win benefits and financial relief is by appealing your denial.

This is when you really want a Social Security Disability attorney supporting you.

You may need to:

  • Send new evidence to Social Security and ask for another decision.
  • Make a legal case to a disability judge.
  • Cross examine vocational and medical experts who testify about you.
  • File arguments that the judge made a mistake.
  • File a lawsuit against Social Security in federal court.

Social Security Disability law is a whole separate system with its own rules, courts and judges.

You want a disability attorney with deep experience in this process, like Baynetta Jordan.

If you’ve been denied, you need to move fast.

You have 60 days to start your appeal.

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How Your Social Security Disability Attorney Helps You

Getting a lawyer to help with your Social Security Disability claim might sound like an ordeal. Maybe even an expensive one, too.

The truth? It’s the smartest—and easiest—choice you can make. Working with a disability attorney is low-risk for you.

In disability cases, you pay no attorney fee until you win benefits.

And this is what a disability attorney does for you:

  • Listens to you and understands your situation
  • Helps you with the long, complicated application forms
  • Helps you gather the right medical records and other evidence
  • Makes sure you meet all the required deadlines
  • Keeps you informed about the status of your claim
  • Helps you file an appeal if you’re denied benefits
  • Builds a legal argument for your claim
  • Prepares you to talk to an administrative law judge
  • Represents you in front of the judge
  • Takes your case to higher levels of appeal if needed

You don’t pay anything up front to get this support for your Social Security Disability claim.

If you are awarded benefits, your disability attorney fee will come out of your back benefits—a lump sum paid to you by Social Security for the time you waited on a decision—not out of your pocket.

And having a disability attorney can increase your chances of winning benefits in the first place.

One government study found you are almost three times more likely to be awarded benefits after a disability hearing with a judge if you have a representative with you.

Without an experienced attorney on your side, you’re left to face a cold, complicated government system alone.

Our lawyers know the system, the rules, the steps, the people involved, and how to help you win.

Get in touch with us today to start taking back control of your life.

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