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Don’t Fight the
Social Security System Alone

While Social Security Disability claims don’t require a lawyer, Social Security’s own data* shows you’re more likely to get disability benefits if you get help from an attorney.

Remember, Social Security has thousands of rules, regulations and procedures for disability benefits. More than two-thirds of all applications are denied.

You can run into countless roadblocks leading to a denial: Your doctor doesn’t know the legal definition of disability. Social Security doesn’t receive enough evidence on your behalf. Your appeal isn’t handled improperly.

But an experienced Lubbock attorney like Baynetta Jordan knows how to navigate this system.

It may be your first time applying for benefits, but we’ve done it many times and can guide you.

If you’re from West Texas and you need help with benefits, contact Baynetta M. Jordan, P.C., Attorney at Law, now.

What A Lawyer
Can Do for You

Elderly West Texas Couple Meets with Social Security Disability and Personal Injury Lawyer

Baynetta Jordan lets you focus on your health by taking care of all this work:

  • Gathering records and evidence from your doctors and other medical providers
  • Analyzing your Social Security file
  • Preparing your case and setting the strategy
  • Preparing you to testify before a Social Security judge
  • Questioning witnesses on your behalf
  • Cross-examining any medical and vocational experts at your hearing

If you have a hearing coming up with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), don’t go by yourself. We help you prepare. Then we stay by your side all the way through.

Call us as soon as you can when you know you’re going to a hearing. The earlier you call us, the better equipped we are to put together all of your medical evidence and organize your case.

Getting help should be an easy decision – if you don’t get disability benefits, you pay no legal fees. And it costs nothing for you to talk to us about your situation.

Contact us today for help with your case.

*November 16, 2001 Congressional Record, Testimony of Honorable Robert T. Matsui of California, regarding the Attorney Fee Payment System Improvement Act 2001.

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